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Pierre always struggled with his weight and carbs/sugar addiction since his childhood.


At the age of 19, he weighed 153 kg. After trying numerous diets, he decided to completely change his nutrition & to start living a "low carb" way of life from the 1st of January 2012 on. Over the span of +-2 years, he lost 65 kg (153 kg to 88 kg) and went from a size XXXXL to a size L. 


What he missed the most in his new "low carb" way of life, was a chilled, refreshing beer after his workout or when going out with friends on the weekends. When he had to invent a new product for a course at university, it was evident that the idea of a "low carb" beer came into his mind. 


After some research, he discovered that so-called "low carb" beers do exist in Australia for instance. Unfortunately, there were no such "low carb" beers in Luxembourg. 


Pierre's fiancée Catherine, persuaded of the idea & the concept, convinced Pierre to take action & to contact a research brewery.

After partnering up with the well-known research brewery from TU München in Weihenstephan, the development of the unique brewing process & recipe took more than 9 months and a multitude of attempts.


FOX Premium Pils has been officially launched in September 2016 and is the first calorie-reduced "low-carb" lager beer in Luxembourg.


We decided to name our brand "Fox" because it is pronounced exactly the same in different languages: Luxembourgish, German, French, English, etc.


In addition, a fox is a very clever and gregarious animal. (Proverb: "as sly as a fox".) We like to define our end consumers as clever too because they enjoy the same taste as an average pilsner beer, but without the unnecessary extra calories, carbs and sugars.


"Fox" also underlines the identification with the country of Luxembourg, because it makes reference to "de Renert", a well-known poem from Michel Rodange.

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